Complete 1-loop test of AdS/CFT

  title={Complete 1-loop test of AdS/CFT},
  author={Nikolay Gromov and Pedro Vieira},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We analyze nested Bethe ansatz (NBA) and the corresponding finite size corrections. We find an integral equation which describes these corrections in a closed form. As an application we considered the conjectured Beisert-Staudacher (BS) equations with the Hernandez-Lopez dressing factor where the finite size corrections should reproduce generic one (worldsheet) loop computations around any classical superstring motion in the AdS5 × S5 background with exponential precision in the large angular… 

Y-system, TBA and Quasi-Classical Strings in AdS4 × CP3

We study the exact spectrum of the AdS4/CFT3 duality put forward by Aharony, Bergman, Jafferis and Maldacena (ABJM). We derive thermodynamic Bethe ansatz (TBA) equations for the planar ABJM theory,

Finite-gap equations for strings on AdS3 × S3 × T4 with mixed 3-form flux

A bstractWe study superstrings on AdS3 × S3 × T4 supported by a combination of Ramond-Ramond and Neveu-Schwarz-Neveu-Schwarz three form fluxes, and write down a set of finite-gap equations that

Scattering in AdS2/CFT1 and the BES phase

A bstractWe study worldsheet scattering for the type IIA superstring in AdS2 ×S2 ×T6. Using the Green-Schwarz action to quartic order in fermions we take the near-BMN limit, where as in the AdS3/CFT2

Integrability in AdS/CFT: Exacts Results for Correlation Functions

We report on the first systematic study of correlation functions in N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory using integrability techniques. In particular, we show how to compute threeand fourpoint functions of

Quantum strings and the AdS4/CFT3 interpolating function

The existence of a nontrivial interpolating function h(λ) is one of the novel features of the new AdS4/CFT3 correspondence involving ABJM theory. At strong coupling, most of the investigation of

Exact computation of one-loop correction to the energy of pulsating strings in AdS5 × S5

In this paper, which is a sequel to Beccaria et al (2010 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 165402), we compute the one-loop correction to the energy of pulsating string solutions in AdS5 × S5. We show

Integrability and the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence

We investigate the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence for theories with 16 supercharges using the integrability approach. We construct Green-Schwarz actions for Type IIB strings on AdS3 × S3× M4 where M4 = T4

The Spectrum of Classical String Theory and Integrability in the AdS/CFT Correspondence

Motivated by the open-closed duality in string theory, the AdS/CFT correspondence has been thoroughly investigated for more than a decade. A great advancement was made, among others, concerning the

Exact computation of one-loop correction to energy of spinning folded string in AdS 5 × S 5

We consider the 1-loop correction to the energy of folded spinning string solution in the AdS3 part ofAdS5×S. The classical string solution is expressed in terms of elliptic functions so an explicit

The full Quantum Spectral Curve for AdS4/CFT3

A bstractThe spectrum of planar N$$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 6 superconformal Chern-Simons theory, dual to type IIA superstring theory on AdS4 × CP3, is accessible at finite coupling using integrability.



Bethe ansatz for quantum strings

We propose Bethe equations for the diagonalization of the Hamiltonian of quantum strings on AdS5 ×S 5 at large string tension and restricted to certain large charge states from a closed su(2)

The factorized S-matrix of CFT/AdS

We argue that the recently discovered integrability in the large-N CFT/AdS system is equivalent to diffractionless scattering of the corresponding hidden elementary excitations. This suggests that,

Strong-coupling expansion of cusp anomaly from quantum superstring

We consider the world surface in AdS5 that ends on two intersecting null lines at the boundary. The corresponding superstring partition function describes the expectation value of the Wilson line

Dressing and wrapping

We prove that the validity of the recently proposed dressed, asymptotic Bethe ansatz for the planar AdS/CFT system is indeed limited at weak coupling by operator wrapping effects. This is done by

Finite-size effects from giant magnons

Classical/quantum integrability in AdS/CFT

We discuss the AdS/CFT duality from the perspective of integrable systems and establish a direct relationship between the dimension of single trace local operators composed of two types of scalar

Semiclassical quantization of rotating superstring in AdS(5) x S**5

Motivated by recent proposals in hep-th/0202021 and hep-th/0204051 we develop semiclassical quantization of superstring in AdS5 × S5. We start with a classical solution describing string rotating in