Complementation studies with Rous sarcoma virus gag and gag-pol polyprotein mutants.

  title={Complementation studies with Rous sarcoma virus gag and gag-pol polyprotein mutants.},
  author={Suzanne Oertle and Neil E. Bowles and Pierre F. Spahr},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={66 6},
Avian retroviruses (with the notable exception of spleen necrosis virus) express their protease (PR) both in their gag and their gag-pol polyprotein precursors, in contrast to other retroviruses, notably, the mammalian retroviruses, in which PR is encoded in the gag-pol polyprotein or in a separate reading frame as a gag-pro product. The consequence is that the avian PR is expressed in stoichiometric rather than catalytic amounts. To investigate the significance of the particular genome… CONTINUE READING


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