Complementary action of chemical and electrical synapses to perception

  title={Complementary action of chemical and electrical synapses to perception},
  author={Fernando S. Borges and Ewandson Luiz Lameu and Antonio Marcos Batista and Kelly C. Iarosz and Murilo S. Baptista and Ricardo Luiz Viana},
  journal={Physica A-statistical Mechanics and Its Applications},

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The results about the effects of synaptic plasticity on neuronal networks composed by Hodgkin-Huxley neurons show that the final topology of the evolved network depends crucially on the ratio between the strengths of the inhibitory and excitatory synapses.
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This work provides strong evidence that the brain operates locally in a CAS regime, allowing it to have an unlimited number of dynamical patterns, a state that could explain the enormous memory capacity of the brain and give support to the idea that local clusters of neurons are sufficiently decorrelated to independently process information locally.
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It is proposed that the main functional role of electrical coupling is to provide an enhancement of dynamic range, therefore allowing the coding of information spanning several orders of magnitude, which could provide a microscopic neural basis for psychophysical laws.
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It is claimed that enhancement of dynamic range is the primary functional role of active dendritic conductances, and it is predicted that neurons with larger dendrite trees should have larger dynamic range and that blocking of active conductances should lead to a decrease in dynamic range.
Dynamic Range of Vertebrate Retina Ganglion Cells: Importance of Active Dendrites and Coupling by Electrical Synapses
The results from detailed computational modeling studies suggest that the key properties of the ganglion cells that endow them with a large dynamic range are large and active dendritic trees and electrical coupling via gap junctions.
How to enhance the dynamic range of excitatory-inhibitory excitable networks.
An inhibitory factor for each excitatory node is proposed and it is suggested that if nodes with high inhibitory factors are cut out from the I layer, the dynamic range could be further enhanced, although the improvement is relatively small compared to the original dynamic range.
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Experimental and modeling results indicated that long-range connections play an important role in visual perception, possibly mediating the effects of context and suggesting a nonmonotonic relation of the detection threshold with the number of flankers.
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