Complementary DNA for human glioblastoma-derived T cell suppressor factor, a novel member of the transforming growth factor-beta gene family.


Human glioblastoma cells secrete a peptide, termed glioblastoma-derived T cell suppressor factor (G-TsF), which has suppressive effects on interleukin-2-dependent T cell growth. As shown here, complementary DNA for G-TsF reveals that G-TsF shares 71% amino acid homology with transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta). In analogy to TGF-beta it is apparently synthesized as the carboxy-terminal end of a precursor polypeptide which undergoes proteolytic cleavage to yield the 112 amino-acid-long mature form of G-TsF. Comparison of the amino-terminal sequence of G-TsF with that of porcine TGF-beta 2 and bovine cartilage-inducing factor B shows complete homology, which indicates that we have cloned the human analogue of these factors. It is tempting to consider a role for G-TsF in tumor growth where it may enhance tumor cell proliferation in an autocrine way and/or reduce immunosurveillance of tumor development.

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