Compiling C for the EARTH multithreaded architecture

  title={Compiling C for the EARTH multithreaded architecture},
  author={Laurie J. Hendren and Xinan Tang and Yingchun Zhu and Guang R. Gao and Xun Xue and Haiying Cai and Pierre Ouellet},
  journal={International Journal of Parallel Programming},
Multithreaded architectures provide an opportunity for efficiently executing programs with irregular parallelism and/or irregular locality. This paper presents a strategy that makes use of the multithreaded execution model without exposing multithreading to the programmer. Our approach is to design simple extensions to C, and to provide compiler support that automatically translates high-level C programs into lower-level threaded programs. In this paper we present EARTH-C our extended C… CONTINUE READING

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