Compiler Techniques for Fast Migration of Embedded Applications


With a number of microprocessor architectures in use today, the flexibility to change from one target platform to another, in respond to market or customer demands, is decisive for competitiveness for application developers. In order to increase this flexibility, the Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (ANDF) has been developed within OMI (Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative). After some demonstrating applications, it turned out, that the availability of respective back-ends (installers) becomes the most crucial part of this technology. During the OMI/SAFE project, an adequate solution has been found to this problem. By means of special compiler generating tools developed at the University of Karlsruhe, an installer for a specific platform can be provided with much less effort than before. The approach also allows to build configurable installers which is of great importance for families of microprocessors and for DSPs.

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