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Competitiveness of Indian manufacturing : Results from a firm-level survey

  title={Competitiveness of Indian manufacturing : Results from a firm-level survey},
  author={G. Iarossi and Arindam Mookherjee and V. More and Mary Hallward-Driemier and Srivastava Gantakolla and David L. Dollar and T. Mengistae and O. Goswami and A. Arun},
The authors analyze survey data of firms located in 10 states in India to conclusively prove that investment climate matters: Firms located in states that do not foster a good investment climate perform significantly worse than those in states that do. In the process, the paper outlines a set of policy issues that countries and/or states need to pursue if they want to leverage greater openness and higher investments for sustained and significantly higher per capita income growth. In section 1… Expand
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