Competitiveness and Precision Management of the Noxious Weed Cannabis sativa L. in Winter Wheat

  title={Competitiveness and Precision Management of the Noxious Weed Cannabis sativa L. in Winter Wheat},
  author={Peter W. M. Reisinger and {\'E}va Lehoczky and Tam{\'a}s Kőm{\'i}ves},
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Abstract Wild hemp (Cannabis sativa ssp. spontanea) is a rapidly spreading weed in Hungary that forms large and stable patches in most agricultural fields. To evaluate the dominance properties and the nutrient uptake of wild hemp, we carried out experiments in a 36‐ha agricultural field, using 80 evenly distributed sampling areas that were identified by GPS coordinates. Field maps of wild hemp infestations were formulated to determine the density and dominance of this weed, and plants were… Expand
Weed Dynamics and Management in Wheat
Both preventive measures and cultural practices have proved their significance for improving weed control in wheat and site-specific herbicide application may help to make weed control economical and reduce the herbicide input. Expand
Precision Management Practices for Legal Cultivation of Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.)
Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) growers worldwide lack reliable and research-based information about precision management practices (PMP) of cannabis. The history, legal framework, and PMP forExpand
Analysis of Traditional Computer Vision Techniques Used for Hemp Leaf Water Stress Detection and Classification
The goal of this study is to prove that water stress detection in hemp leaves can be achieved using computer vision as well to create a model and compare computer vision techniques. Expand
Cultivation of low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabis sativa L. cultivation in Victoria, Australia: Do we know enough?
Late 2017, the ban on the cultivation and consumption of low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabis sativa L. in Victoria, was lifted by the Federal Government of Australia. Its legalization presentsExpand
Potential for site specific management of Lolium rigidum (annual ryegrass) in Southern Australia.
This book discusses Australian agricultural trends, herbicide efficacy targeted to soil conditions, and decision making for Variable Rate Herbicide Applications. Expand


Nitrogen fertilization and row width affect self-thinning and productivity of fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa L.).
Investigation of agronomic factors in fibre hemp found inter-plant competition may cause self-thinning, which reduces stem yield and quality, and the crop growth at 80 kg N ha −1 was affected by a lack of nitrogen. Expand
Essential oils of different cultivars of Cannabis sativa L. and their antimicrobial activity
The essential oils of five different cultivars of Cannabis sativa contained as main compounds α-pinene, myrcene, trans-β-ocimene, α-terpinolene, trans-caryophyllene and α-humulene. The content ofExpand
Implementing and conducting on-farm weed research with the use of GPS
This research suggests that producer-owned equipment can be used to compare treatments, but the accuracy and subsequent power of such comparisons are likely to be low. Expand
Allelopathic effect of hemp (Cannabis sativa. L.) growing as a weed
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