Competitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession

  title={Competitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession},
  author={Paul Krugman},
  journal={Foreign Affairs},
  • P. Krugman
  • Published 1 March 1994
  • Economics
  • Foreign Affairs
IN J U N E 1993, Jacques Delors made a special presentation to the leaders of the nations of the European Community, meeting in Copenhagen, on the growing problem of European unemployment. Economists who study the European situation were curious to see what Delors, president of the EC Commission, would say. Most of them share more or less the same diagnosis of the European problem: the taxes and regulations imposed by Europe's elaborate welfare states have made employers reluctant to create new… 

Competitiveness and Employment: A Strategic Dilemma for Economic Policy

Competitiveness policy is usually described in liberal terms, suggesting a close relationship to competition and markets. However, the outcomes of such policies may work in the opposite direction.

Globalization, a Dangerous Obsession : Latin America in the Post-Washington Consensus Era

In the late 1980s, John Williamson summarized the views of the mainstream of the profession and the policy makers in Washington, DC (the U.S. Treasury, the International Monetary Fund [IMF], and the

Negotiating International Constraints: The Antinomies of Credibility and Competitiveness in the Political Economy of New Labour

Whilst the political economy of the 'modernisation' of the British Labour Party has generated much interest and provoked considerable contention. the conduct and practice of New Labour economics in


While approaching the tenth anniversary of the Global Financial Crisis, the world economy is showing stimulating signs of recovery, with GDP growth is accelerating to 3.5 percent in 2017. Despite

Social cohesion and economic competitiveness

This article stems from an awareness that the ‘European social model’ is marked – in the discourse that proposes it and in the policies that attempt to implement it – by an original combination of

Competitiveness Matters: Industry and Economic Performance in the U.S.

This book argues, against the current view, that competitiveness--that is, the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector--matters to the long-term health of the U.S. economy and particularly to its

The Microeconomic Dimensions of the Eurozone Crisis and Why European Politics Cannot Solve Them

The academic and policy debate about the crisis in Europe's single currency area is usually dominated by macroeconomic and public sector considerations. The microeconomic dimensions of the crisis and

A Comment on “The Crisis of Cost Recovery and the Waste of the Industrialised Nations”

The article by Williams et al. contains a characteristically robust and forthright argument which is likely to be 'controversial. Its broad thesis is that the entry of low wage cost and long working

China, the American Jobs Plan, and the Impact of ‘Strategic Competition’

  • Edward Ashbee
  • Political Science
    Jadavpur Journal of International Relations
  • 2022
Commentators were struck by the ambition of the American Jobs Plan, the US$2.6 trillion infrastructure proposals put forward by President Biden during 2021. The article considers the reasons why,

The Finance Curse: Britain and the World Economy

Outlines harms caused to countries hosting an oversized financial sector Argues Britain is subject to a Finance Curse, which carries many similarities with the Resource Curse, afflicting