Competition for RISC binding predicts in vitro potency of siRNA

  title={Competition for RISC binding predicts in vitro potency of siRNA},
  author={Erich Koller and Stephanie S Propp and Heather Murray and W. S. Lima and B. Shyamasundara Bhat and Thaza P. Prakash and Charles R. Allerson and Eric E. Swayze and Eric G. Marcusson and Nicholas M. Dean},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={4467 - 4476}
Short interfering RNAs (siRNA) guide degradation of target RNA by the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The use of siRNA in animals is limited partially due to the short half-life of siRNAs in tissues. Chemically modified siRNAs are necessary that maintain mRNA degradation activity, but are more stable to nucleases. In this study, we utilized alternating 2'-O-methyl and 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro (OMe/F) chemically modified siRNA targeting PTEN and Eg5. OMe/F-modified siRNA consistently reduced… CONTINUE READING