Competing Origin-country Perspectives on Emigrant Descendants: Moroccan Diaspora Institutions’ Policy Views and Practices Regarding the “Next Generation Abroad”

  title={Competing Origin-country Perspectives on Emigrant Descendants: Moroccan Diaspora Institutions’ Policy Views and Practices Regarding the “Next Generation Abroad”},
  author={Rilke Mahieu},
  journal={International Migration Review},
  pages={183 - 209}
  • Rilke Mahieu
  • Published 1 March 2019
  • Political Science
  • International Migration Review
This article contributes to the literature on diaspora policies by offering a deeper understanding of origin-state perspectives on emigrants’ descendants. It addresses how diaspora policies targeting this group are rationalized by the state of origin; that is, how policy practices, expectations, and modes of thought related to this “next generation” of the emigrant population are interlinked conceptually. An in-depth inquiry of two Moroccan diaspora institutions reveals the different governing… 

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