Competence thresholds for the use of inhalers in people with dementia.

  title={Competence thresholds for the use of inhalers in people with dementia.},
  author={Stephen C. Allen},
  journal={Age and ageing},
  volume={26 2},
METHODS the ability to learn three inhaler techniques of increasing levels of complexity was studied in 50 normal and demented inhaler-naive elderly people (mean age 81 years) with stable 10-point mini-mental test scores (MTS). There were 10 subjects in each of the following groups: MTS 8-10 (non-demented), MTS 7 (borderline), MTS 6 (mild dementia), MTS 5 and MTS 4 (2 moderate dementia groups). The techniques were taught on one day and reassessed on the following day on consecutive days in… CONTINUE READING

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