Compensated integrability. Applications to the Vlasov–Poisson equation and other models in mathematical physics

  title={Compensated integrability. Applications to the Vlasov–Poisson equation and other models in mathematical physics},
  author={Denis Serre},
  journal={Journal de Math{\'e}matiques Pures et Appliqu{\'e}es},
  • D. Serre
  • Published 5 March 2018
  • Mathematics
  • Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées

Mixed determinants, compensated integrability, and new a priori estimates in gas dynamics

  • D. Serre
  • Mathematics
    Quarterly of Applied Mathematics
  • 2022
We extend the scope of our recent Compensated Integrability theory, by exploiting the multi-linearity of the determinant map over S y m n ( R ) \mathbf {Sym}_n(\mathbb

Multi-dimensional scalar conservation laws with unbounded integrable initial data

We discuss the minimal integrability needed for the initial data, in order that the Cauchy problem for a multi-dimensional conservation law admit an entropy solution. In particular we allow unbounded

Symmetric Divergence-free tensors in the Calculus of Variations

  • D. Serre
  • Mathematics
    Comptes Rendus. Mathématique
  • 2022
Divergence-free symmetric tensors seem ubiquitous in Mathematical Physics. We show that this structure occurs in models that are described by the so-called “second” variational principle, where the

Compensation phenomena for concentration effects via nonlinear elliptic estimates

. We study compensation phenomena for fields satisfying both a pointwise and a linear differential constraint. This effect takes the form of nonlinear elliptic estimates, where constraining the values

Estimating the number and the strength of collisions in molecular dynamics

We consider the motion of a finite though large number of particles in the whole space R n. Particles move freely until they experience pairwise collisions. We use our recent theory of

Source-Solutions for the Multi-dimensional Burgers Equation

  • D. Serre
  • Mathematics
    Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis
  • 2020
We have shown in a recent collaboration that the Cauchy problem for the multi-dimensional Burgers equation is well-posed when the initial data u (0) is taken in the Lebesgue space $$L^1({{\mathbb

Hard spheres dynamics: weak vs hard collisions

We consider the motion of a finite though large number $N$ of hard spheres in the whole space $\mathbb{R}^n$. Particles move freely until they experience elastic collisions. We use our recent theory

Projective Properties of Divergence-Free Symmetric Tensors, and New Dispersive Estimates in Gas Dynamics

  • D. Serre
  • Mathematics
    Milan Journal of Mathematics
  • 2021
The class of Divergence-free symmetric tensors is ubiquitous in Continuum Mechanics. We show its invariance under projective transformations of the independent variables. This action, which preserves

On the upper semicontinuity of a quasiconcave functional

Lower semi-continuity for $\mathcal A$-quasiconvex functionals under convex restrictions

We show weak lower semi-continuity of functionals assuming the new notion of a ``convexly constrained''  $\mathcal A$-quasiconvex integrand. We assume $\mathcal A$-quasiconvexity only for functions



Some existence results for fully nonlinear elliptic equations of monge‐ampère type

We study the existence and uniqueness of solutions of Monge-Ampere-type equations. This type of equations has been studied extensively by Caffarelli, Nirenberg, Spruck and many others. (See [5]


We describe and analyze an approach to the pure traction problem of three-dimensional linearized elasticity, whose novelty consists in considering the linearized strain tensor as the "primary"

Divergence-free positive symmetric tensors and fluid dynamics

  • D. Serre
  • Mathematics
    Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré C, Analyse non linéaire
  • 2018

Topics in Optimal Transportation

Introduction The Kantorovich duality Geometry of optimal transportation Brenier's polar factorization theorem The Monge-Ampere equation Displacement interpolation and displacement convexity Geometric

Compacité par compensation et espaces de Hardy

We prove that various nonlinear quantities occurring in the compensated compactness theory belong to the Hardy space H 1 . We also indicate some applications, variants and extensions of such results

On a vector version of a fundamental Lemma of J. L. Lions

AbstractLet Ω be a bounded and connected open subset of ℝN with a Lipschitz-continuous boundary, the set Ω being locally on the same side of ∂Ω. A vector version of a fundamental lemma of J. L.

The Minkowski multidimensional problem

A -Quasiconvexity. lower semicontinuity, and young measures

The notion of ${\cal A}$-quasiconvexity is introduced as a necessary and sufficient condition for (sequential) lower semicontinuity of $$ (u,v) \mapsto \int_{\Omega} f(x,u(x), v(x))\, dx $$ whenever

Thermodynamic restrictions on the constitutive equations of electromagnetic theory

ZusammenfassungDie Autoren betrachten allgemeine Stoffe, für die die Energiedichte, die Entropiedichte, die elektrische Induktion, die magnetische Induktion, die elektrische Stromdichte und der