Compensated Visual Hull for Defective Segmentation and Occlusion

  title={Compensated Visual Hull for Defective Segmentation and Occlusion},
  author={Hansung Kim and Ryuuki Sakamoto and Itaru Kitahara and Neal Orman and Tomoji Toriyama and Kiyoshi Kogure},
  journal={17th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2007)},
We propose an advanced visual hull technique to compensate for outliers using the reliabilities of the silhouettes. The proposed method consists of a foreground extraction technique based on the generalized Gaussian family model and a compensated shape-from-silhouette algorithm. They are connected by the intra-/inter-silhouette reliabilities to compensate for carving errors from defective segmentation or partial occlusion which may occur in a real environment. The 3D reconstruction process is… CONTINUE READING


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