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Compatibility and stability studies of levadopa, carbidopa, entacapone and natural bioenhancer mixture

  title={Compatibility and stability studies of levadopa, carbidopa, entacapone and natural bioenhancer mixture},
  author={R. Dhawan and Dr. S. Ravi and Dr. T. Subburaju},
Levodopa, Carbidopa and Entacapone are used for the treatment of Parkinsonism disease. Piperine is an alkaloid from Piper species is reported to enhance the oral bioavailability of co-administered drugs. Piperine can improve the bioavailability of Levodopa in solid oral dosage forms. The present study was aimed to added Piperine natural bio-enhancer as a formulation additive in oral formulations of Levodopa, Carbidopa and Entacapone. The physical mixture of Levodopa, Carbidopa, Entacapone and… 



Pharmacological Management of Parkinson's Disease

Early therapy with dopamine agonists such as cabergoline can be considered in younger patients and levodopa dosage can be further refined with a liquid formulation and apomorphine may be used to overcome sudden off periods.

Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease: an expert consensus and review of key issues.

Recommendations are provided to patients, physicians, and other health care providers on several issues involving deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson disease (PD) to be considered in a select group of appropriate patients.

Guidance for Industry: Stability Testing of Drug Substances and Drug Products (Draft)

This draft document is intended to provide a guide to the administration's planned use of nanofiltration technology for the recovery of phosphorous-like particles from the blood stream after they have been removed from the body.

Symptomatic pharmacological therapy in Parkinson's disease

  • Parkinson's Disease. London: Royal College of Physicians. Edition
  • 2006