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Compatibilisation of polymer blends

  title={Compatibilisation of polymer blends},
  author={Abdellah Ajji and Leszek A. Utracki},
  • Abdellah Ajji, Leszek A. Utracki
  • Published 1997
  • Materials Science
  • Polymer blends are mixtures of two or more polymers and/or copolymers, containing at least two weight percent of the macromolecular species. Most blends are immiscible and need to be compatibilised. The compatibilisation must: (1) ascertain the optimum degree of dispersion, (2) stabilize the morphology against the possible damage during the subsequent processing stage, and (3) secure good interfacial interactions between phases in the solid state. Block copolymers, especially the di-block type… CONTINUE READING

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