Compartmental transfer of mercury released from amalgam.


The number of amalgam-covered surfaces and the occlusal area of the fillings, the concentrations of total mercury in plasma, erythrocytes and urine, the urinary excretion rate, and the absorbed daily doses estimated by two separate methods from intra-oral Hg emission were determined in 29 volunteers with a low amalgam load. The transfer of Hg from the… (More)


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@article{Halbach1997CompartmentalTO, title={Compartmental transfer of mercury released from amalgam.}, author={Stephan Halbach and Leo Kremers and H Willruth and A. C. Mehl and Gerhard Welzl and F X Wack and Reinhard Hickel and Helmuth Greim}, journal={Human & experimental toxicology}, year={1997}, volume={16 11}, pages={667-72} }