Compartment models for estimating attributes of digesta flow in cattle.

  title={Compartment models for estimating attributes of digesta flow in cattle.},
  author={Kevin R. Pond and Warren Ellis and James H. Matis and Henrique Ferreiro and J D Sutton},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={60 3},
1. The basic assumptions involved in one- and two-compartment models with age-independent distributed residence times (exponential, G1) for describing digesta flow are reviewed as the bases for describing families of one- and two-compartment models which assume age-dependent distributions (Gn) of residence times. 2. The two-compartment, age-independent model with exponentially distributed residence times (G1G1) yielded estimates of essentially equal rate parameters when fitted to faecal values… CONTINUE READING

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