Comparisons of familial DNA database searching strategies.

  title={Comparisons of familial DNA database searching strategies.},
  author={Jian-ye Ge and R. Murgai S. Chakraborty and Arthur J. Eisenberg and Bruce Budowle},
  journal={Journal of forensic sciences},
  volume={56 6},
The current familial searching strategies are generally based on either Identity-By-State (IBS) (i.e., number of shared alleles) or likelihood ratio (i.e., kinship index [KI]) assessments. In this study, the expected IBS match probabilities given relationships and the logic of the likelihood ratio method were addressed. Further, the false-positive and false-negative rates of the strategies were compared analytically or by simulations using Caucasian population data of the 13 CODIS Short Tandem… CONTINUE READING

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