Comparisons between radioactive and non-radioactive gas lantern mantles

  title={Comparisons between radioactive and non-radioactive gas lantern mantles},
  author={Etsuko Furuta and Yukio Yoshizawa and Tamaru Aburai},
  journal={Journal of Radiological Protection},
  pages={423 - 431}
Gas lantern mantles containing radioactive thorium have been used for more than 100 years. Although thorium was once believed to be indispensable for giving a bright light, non-radioactive mantles are now available. From the radioactivities of the daughter nuclides, we estimated the levels of radioactivity of 232Th and 228Th in 11 mantles. The mantles contained various levels of radioactivity from background levels to 1410±140 Bq. Our finding that radioactive and non-radioactive mantles are… 

The Radioactivity of Thorium Incandescent Gas Lantern Mantles

The use of thorium in providing the intense white luminescence emitted from gas mantles, has a history of some 130 years, the initial application pre-dating by several decades large-scale urban

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NORM as consumer products: issue of their being.

  • E. Furuta
  • Physics
    Radiation protection dosimetry
  • 2011
The results show that there are some inhalation risks in the cases of NRCP misuse and the three principles of the radioprotection should be applied for users of N RCP.

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Radioactivity released from burning gas lantern mantles.

Results of this study show that some of the radium and more than half the 212Pb and 212Bi is released during the first hour of a burn, and the actual amounts release depend on the age of the mantle.

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The mantle of a gas lantern contains about 600 micrograms of toxic beryllium metal, which becomes airborne during the first 15 minutes of use of a new mantle.

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