Comparison studies of hybrid lead halide [MPb2X7]2- (M = Cu, Ag; X = Br, I) chains: band structures and visible light driven photocatalytic properties.


By using transition-metal (TM) complex cationic dyes as structure-directing agents and photosensitizers, a series of inorganic-organic hybrid metal halides, namely, [TM(2,2'-bipy)3]AgPb2I7 [TM = Ni (1), Co (2) and Zn (3)], [Co(2,2'-bipy)3]CuPb2Br7 (4) and [TM(2,2'-bipy)3]AgPb2Br7 [TM = Ni (5) and Fe (6)], have been solvothermally prepared and structurally… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c7dt00820a