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Comparison on Seed Production of Various Orchardgrass

  title={Comparison on Seed Production of Various Orchardgrass},
  author={Wang Guoze and Zuo Fuyuan and Zeng Bing and Tang Xianfang},
  journal={Animal Husbandry and Feed Science},
[Objective] To find orchardgrass cultivars which have high seed production and can be planted in western Chongqing region. [Method] Seed production and phenophase were compared between several common orchardgrass cultivars (domestic or foreign) in western Chongqing region. A high-yield high-quality orchardgrass line suitable for seed production in western Chongqing region was found. [Result] The orchardgrass in western Chongqing region had excellent seed production performance. Among these… Expand
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