Comparison of two hydrolytic murein transglycosylases of Escherichia coli.


Escherichia coli has two murein transglycosylases, which are found in the soluble and the particulate fraction, respectively. The enzymes have been purified and have been shown to differ in some of their molecular properties [Mett, H., Keck, W., Funk, A. & Schwarz, U. (1980) J. Bacteriol. 144, 45-52]. We improved and simplified the purification procedure for the membrane-derived transglycosylase and characterized the two enzymes in more detail by peptide mapping and by immunological procedures. The peptide pattern obtained after tryptic digestion of the purified enzymes differed for the two enzymes. Antisera to the transglycosylases reacted only with their own antigen as shown by specific inhibition of the enzymatic activity, double immunodiffusion and by immunochemical staining of protein blots on nitrocellulose filters. Thus we conclude that the transglycosylases are two distinct proteins and that the one is not a precursor of the other.

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