Comparison of two diagnostic systems for Complicated Grief.

  title={Comparison of two diagnostic systems for Complicated Grief.},
  author={Simon Forstmeier and Andreas Maercker},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={99 1-3},
BACKGROUND To date, there are mainly two diagnostic systems that have been proposed for the diagnosis of Complicated Grief [Horowitz, M.J., Siegel, B., Holen, A., Bonanno, G.A., Milbrath, C., Stinson, C.H., 1997. Diagnostic criteria for complicated grief disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry 154, 904-910; Prigerson, H.G., Shear, M.K., Jacobs, S.C., Reynolds, C.F., Maciejewski, P.K., Davidson, J.R., Rosenheck, R., Pilkonis, P.A., Wortman, C.B., Williams, J.B., Widiger, T.A., Frank, E., Kupfer… CONTINUE READING

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