Comparison of traditional and simplified methods for repairing CAD/CAM feldspathic ceramics


PURPOSE To evaluate the adhesion to CAD/CAM feldspathic blocks by failure analysis and shear bond strength test (SBSt) of different restorative systems and different surface treatments, for purpose of moderate chipping repair. MATERIALS AND METHODS A self-adhering flowable composite (Vertise Flow, Kerr) containing bi-functional phosphate monomers and a conventional flowable resin composite (Premise Flow, Kerr) applied with and without adhesive system (Optibond Solo Plus, Kerr) were combined with three different surface treatments (Hydrofluoric Acid Etching, Sandblasting, combination of both) for repairing feldspathic ceramics. Two commercial systems for ceramic repairing were tested as controls (Porcelain Repair Kit, Ultradent, and CoJet System, 3M). SBSt was performed and failure mode was evaluated using a digital microscope. A One-Way ANOVA (Tukey test for post hoc) was applied to the SBSt data and the Fisher's Exact Test was applied to the failure analysis data. RESULTS The use of resin systems containing bi-functional phosphate monomers combined with hydrofluoric acid etching of the ceramic surface gave the highest values in terms of bond strength and of more favorable failure modalities. CONCLUSION The simplified repairing method based on self-adhering flowable resin combined with the use of hydrofluoric acid etching showed high bond strength values and a favorable failure mode. Repairing of ceramic chipping with a self-adhering flowable resin associated with hydrofluoric acid etching showed high bond strength with a less time consuming and technique-sensitive procedure compared to standard procedure.

DOI: 10.4047/jap.2017.9.4.257

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