Comparison of three ternary lipid bilayer mixtures: FRET and ESR reveal nanodomains.

  title={Comparison of three ternary lipid bilayer mixtures: FRET and ESR reveal nanodomains.},
  author={Frederick A. Heberle and Jing Wu and Shih Lin Goh and Robin S Petruzielo and Gerald W. Feigenson},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={99 10},
Phase diagrams of ternary lipid mixtures containing cholesterol have provided valuable insight into cell membrane behaviors, especially by describing regions of coexisting liquid-disordered (Ld) and liquid-ordered (Lo) phases. Fluorescence microscopy imaging of giant unilamellar vesicles has greatly assisted the determination of phase behavior in these systems. However, the requirement for optically resolved Ld + Lo domains can lead to the incorrect inference that in lipid-only mixtures, Ld… CONTINUE READING


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