Comparison of the welfare of layer hens in 4 housing systems in the UK

  title={Comparison of the welfare of layer hens in 4 housing systems in the UK},
  author={C. M. Sherwin and G. J. Richards and C. Nicol},
  journal={British Poultry Science},
  pages={488 - 499}
  • C. M. Sherwin, G. J. Richards, C. Nicol
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • British Poultry Science
  • 1. The welfare of hens in 26 flocks (6 conventional cage, 6 furnished cage, 7 barn, 7 free-range) was assessed throughout the laying period using a combination of data on physical health, physiology and injurious pecking, collected by researchers on farm and during post-mortem analysis, and information submitted by producers. 2. There was an effect of housing system on 5 of the indicators recorded by researchers: gentle feather pecks given, feather damage score, proportion of hens with feather… CONTINUE READING
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