Comparison of the respiratory microbiome in healthy nonsmokers and smokers.

  title={Comparison of the respiratory microbiome in healthy nonsmokers and smokers.},
  author={Alison M Morris and James M. Beck and Patrick D. Schloss and Thomas B. Campbell and Kristina Crothers and Jeffrey L Curtis and S Cisneros Flores and Andrew P Fontenot and Elodie Ghedin and Laurence Huang and Kathleen A. Jablonski and Eric Kleerup and Susan V. Lynch and Erica Sodergren and Homer L Twigg and Vincent B Young and Christine M. Bassis and Arvind Venkataraman and Thomas M Schmidt and George Weinstock},
  journal={American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={187 10},
RATIONALE Results from 16S rDNA-encoding gene sequence-based, culture-independent techniques have led to conflicting conclusions about the composition of the lower respiratory tract microbiome. OBJECTIVES To compare the microbiome of the upper and lower respiratory tract in healthy HIV-uninfected nonsmokers and smokers in a multicenter cohort. METHODS Participants were nonsmokers and smokers without significant comorbidities. Oral washes and bronchoscopic alveolar lavages were collected in… CONTINUE READING
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