Comparison of the reactivity of oxaliplatin, pt(diaminocyclohexane)Cl2 and pt(diaminocyclohexane1)(OH2)2(2+) with guanosine and L-methionine.


The initial rates of reactivity of oxaliplatin, its metabolites Pt(dach)Cl2 and Pt(dach)(OH2)2(2+) with guanosine and L-met in water, NaCl and phosphate were compared. Versus guanosine, the most reactive molecule was Pt(dach)(OH2)2(2+), about 40 fold that of oxaliplatin, the least reactive was Pt(dach)Cl2, Versus L-met, Pt(dach)(OH2)2(2+), was also the most… (More)


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