Comparison of the action of diclofenac alone versus diclofenac plus B vitamins on mobility in patients with low back pain

  title={Comparison of the action of diclofenac alone versus diclofenac plus B vitamins on mobility in patients with low back pain},
  author={Mauro Geller and Marco Ant{\^o}nio Naslausky Mibielli and Carlos Pereira Nunes and Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca and Stephanie Wrobel Goldberg and Lisa Oliveira},
  journal={Journal of Drug Assessment},
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Abstract Objective: To assess results of the finger-to-floor distance (FFD) and the Schober test performed during the DOLOR study, and to verify correlation between Visual Analog Pain Scale scores (VAS) with these measures. Research design and methods: Previously tabulated data from the Clinical Research Forms of the DOLOR study were analyzed (statistical significance defined with a two-tailed p value < 0.05 and confidence interval of 95%). For continuous variables, the Student’s T- test or… 
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for acute low back pain.
There is low quality evidence that NSAIDs are slightly more effective for short-term global improvement than placebo, but there was substantial heterogeneity between studies, and studies were prone to selective reporting bias, since most studies did not register their trials.
Caudal epidural steroid injection ultrasound-guided versus fluoroscopy-guided in treatment of refractory lumbar disc prolapse with radiculopathy
US is excellent in guiding CESI with similar treatment outcomes as compared with FL-guided CESI, and age < 40 years was found to be non-significant in predicting a successful outcome.
Clinical Validation of a Multi-Biomarker Assay for the Evaluation of Chronic Pain Patients in a Cross-Sectional, Observational Study
The findings establish the validity and discriminatory power of a novel multi-biomarker test that evaluates the role of biochemistry in chronic pain and correlates with clinical assessments of patients and may pave the way for non-opioid therapeutic strategies to treat chronic pain.
Efficacy and tolerability of a fixed dose combination of cortex phospholipid liposomes and cyanocobalamin for intramuscular use in peripheral neuropathies.
The pharmacotherapy of peripheral neuropathies, including low-back pain, neck pain, postherpetic neuropathy (PHN) is discussed and the fixed dose combination PL+CNCbl clinical efficacy in association with other treatments or in monotherapy is focused on.
Vitamin B 12 as a Treatment for Pain
Animal studies support multiple beneficial effects of vitamin B12 including the regeneration of nerves and the inhibition of cyclooxygenase enzymes and other pain-signaling pathways and clinical trials provide evidence for the effectiveness ofitamin B12 for the treatment of low back pain and neuralgia.
Generalized sarcoidosis and severe thrombocytopenic purpura: clinical observation and literature review
The patient with systemic sarcoidosis coincided with an episode of a viral infection with symptoms of COVID-19 and the detection of an increased titer of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in the blood.
Tratamiento del dolor de columna no traumático con tiocolchicósido, diclofenaco y complejo B
Introduccion: El dolor de columna no traumatico es usualmente de tipo mixto con contractura muscular anadida. Objetivo : Evaluar la eficacia y tolerabilidad del tratamiento del dolor no traumatico de
Evaluation of the Treatment Methods of Patients with Mechanical Low Back Pain Complaints Admitted to Family Physician’s Clinic
Amac: Calismamizda amac; aile hekimligi poliklinigine, mekanik nedenlere bagli bel agrisi sikâyeti ile basvuran hastalarin tercih ettikleri medikal tedavi yontemleri iles tamamlayici tedavi dusundugu ilaclarin isimleri degerlendirmektir.
Chronic Pain


Diclofenac plus B vitamins versus diclofenac monotherapy in lumbago: the DOLOR study
The combination ofdiclofenac with B vitamins was superior to dicl ofenac monotherapy in lumbago relief after 3 days of treatment, and yielded superior results in pain reduction, improvement of mobility and functionality.
Epidemiology of back disorders: prevalence, risk factors, and prognosis
Although progress has been made in understanding the role of genetic mutations in disorders such as lumbar disc disease, further investigation of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors such as physical stress is needed.
A systematic review and meta-synthesis of the impact of low back pain on people’s lives
The social component of the biopsychosocial model is important to patients but not well represented in current core-sets of outcome measures, and researchers should consider social factors to help develop a portfolio of more relevant outcome measures.
Acute and chronic low back pain.
Epidemiology of low back disorders
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