Comparison of the TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor and the cis pro+ body-worn processor in adult MED-EL cochlear implant users.

  title={Comparison of the TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor and the cis pro+ body-worn processor in adult MED-EL cochlear implant users.},
  author={Jan Helms and Joachim Michael M{\"u}ller and Franz Sch{\"o}n and F Winkler and L H Moser and Wafaa Shehata-Dieler and Ernst R. Kastenbauer and Uwe Baumann and Gerd Rasp and Karin Schorn and B Ebetaer and W. J. Baumgartner and Sirus Hamzavi and Wolfgang K Gstoettner and Martin Westhofen and W. D{\"o}ring and Herbert Dujardin and Klaus Albegger and Alois Mair and Hans-Peter Zenner and Christiane Haferkamp and Christine Schmitz-Salue and R. Arold and G. Sesterhenn and Volker Jahnke and H. Takeda S. S. Thayer G. Wagner and Stefan Graebel and Ulrike Bockmuehl and Rudolf H{\"a}usler and Mattheus Vischer and Martin Kompis and H. Hildmann and H. -J. Rad{\"u} and Thomas Stark and Alexander C Engel and Agnes Hildmann and Christian Streitberger and K. -B. H{\"u}ttenbrink and E M{\"u}ller-Aschoff and Gert Hofmann and K Seeling and U. Hloucal and Christoph A von Ilberg and J. J. Kiefer and T Pfennigdorff and Volker Gall and Achim Breitfuss and Yvonne Stelzig and Klaus Begall and Matthias Hey and Wilma Vorwerk and Walter F. Thumfart and Anne Gunkel and Patrick Georg Zorowka and K. A. Stephan and Ch. Gammert and Alexander Mathis and N. N. Demin and Bernd Freigang and Michael Ziese and Annika St{\"u}tzel and Hellmut von Specht and Wolfgang Arnold and S I Brockmeier and H Ebenhoch and A Steinhoff and Clemens M. Zierhofer and Martina Zwicknagl and B St{\"o}bich},
  journal={ORL; journal for oto-rhino-laryngology and its related specialties},
  volume={63 1},
A study was conducted to compare the new MED-EL TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor with the CIS PRO+ body-worn processor in the COMBI 40/COMBI 40+ implant system. Speech tests were performed in 46 experienced subjects in two test sessions approximately 4 weeks apart. Subjects were switched over from the CIS PRO+ to the TEMPO+ in the first session and used only the TEMPO+ in the time between the two sessions. Speech tests included monosyllabic word tests and sentence tests via the telephone. An… CONTINUE READING

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