Comparison of survey and physician claims data for detecting hypertension.

  title={Comparison of survey and physician claims data for detecting hypertension.},
  author={Nazeem Muhajarine and Cameron A. Mustard and Leslie L. Roos and Terence K. Young and Dale Gelskey},
  journal={Journal of clinical epidemiology},
  volume={50 6},
Using linked data from the Manitoba (Canada) Heart Health Survey (MHHS) and physician service claims files we assessed the degree to which self-reported hypertension and clinically measured hypetension agreed with physician claims hypertension, and examined the likely sources of disagreement. The overall agreement between survey and claims data for hypertension detection was moderate to high: 82% (kappa = 0.56) for self-reported and physician claims hypertension, and 85% (kappa = 0.60) for… CONTINUE READING