Comparison of spontaneous and experimentally induced canine prostatic hyperplasia.

  title={Comparison of spontaneous and experimentally induced canine prostatic hyperplasia.},
  author={D P Deklerk and Donald S. Coffey and Larry L. Ewing and I R McDermott and W G Reiner and Cecil H. Robinson and William W. Scott and John D. Strandberg and Paul Talalay and Patrick Walsh and Linda Wheaton and Barry R. Zirkin},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={64 3},
Spontaneous prostatic hyperplasia in the beagle appears to progress with age from a glandular to a cystic histological appearance. Prostatic hyperplasia can be induced in young beagles with intact testes by treatment for 4 mo with either dihydrotestosterone or 5 alpha-androstane-3 alpha, 17 beta-diol, alone, or with either of these steroids in combination with 17 beta-estradiol. In contrast, the induction of prostatic hyperplasia in young castrated beagles, in which the gland had been allowed… CONTINUE READING