Comparison of regional cerebral blood flow in patients with anorexia nervosa before and after weight gain.


We investigated changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) before and after weight gain in patients with restrictive anorexia nervosa (AN-R) in comparison with findings in normal subjects. We assessed resting rCBF using single photon emission computed tomography with technetium-99m hexamethylpropylene amine oxime in 12 AN-R patients and 11 controls. Each patient was examined at two time points, at the beginning of treatment and after weight gain (average examination interval=88+/-26 days). Control subjects were examined only once. Before treatment, the AN-R group had lower rCBF in the bilateral anterior lobes, including the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), and in the right parietal lobe, the insula, and the occipital lobes. After weight gain, the patients showed significant increases in the right parietal lobe and decreases in the basal ganglia and cerebellum in accordance with significant improvement in body weight and eating attitudes. However, they showed persistent decreases in the ACC area even after weight gain compared with findings in the controls. A significant positive correlation was observed between body mass index and rCBF in the occipital lobes in the patients. These results suggest that weight gain is associated with a normalization of rCBF in a number of brain areas, but that the low level of rCBF in the ACC at baseline is unaffected by treatment in AN-R.

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