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Comparison of positron tomography and scintigraphy with $sup 201$Tl for delineation of the myocardium

  title={Comparison of positron tomography and scintigraphy with \$sup 201\$Tl for delineation of the myocardium},
  author={H. Fill and M. Buchin and P. Harper and G. Muehllehner and W. Walsh and L. Resnekov and B. Mock},
Recent advances in nuclear medicine instrumentation have led to the development of improved positron-imaging systems which exceed in performance the earlier systems which were limited mainly by low count rate capability. This has led to renewed interest in positron imaging in general, primarily because such devices offer better resolution and higher sensitivity than conventional, mechanically collimated gamma cameras, as well as tomographic capability which may provide additional and more… Expand
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