Comparison of pathogenicity of various Candida tropicalis strains.

  title={Comparison of pathogenicity of various Candida tropicalis strains.},
  author={Yoshio Okawa and Masayoshi Miyauchi and Hidemitsu Kobayashi},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={31 8},
To clarify the pathogenicity and the pathogenic factors of Candida tropicalis strains, five strains, IFO 0199, IFO 0587, IFO 0589, IFO 1400, and IFO 1647, of C. tropicalis were tested for their lethality to mice, adherence to Hela cells, hydrophobicity, cell growth under acidic conditions (pH 2.0-5.9), and sucrose assimilation using C. albicans NIH A-207 strain as reference. The pathogenicity for mice of all strains was observed in the increasing order IFO 1400=IFO 0589, IFO 0587, IFO 1647=NIH… CONTINUE READING