Comparison of oxygen kinetics in young and old subjects

  title={Comparison of oxygen kinetics in young and old subjects},
  author={H A Devries and Robert A. Wiswell and Gustavo Bueno Romero and Toshio Moritani and Ronald Bulbulian},
  journal={European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology},
Five older men (aged 60–69 yr) and five young men (aged 21–29 yr) with approximately equal levels of age-corrected $$\dot VO_2$$ max were compared with respect to oxygen kinetics at equal absolute workloads (100 watts) and at equal relative workloads (45% $$\dot VO_2$$ max) on a cycle ergometer. At 45% $$\dot VO_2$$ max, half times for $$\dot VO_2$$ response to instantaneous transition from unloaded pedalling were 30.0 s and 27.4 s for old and young respectively (t=0.260,p<0.80). No significant… CONTINUE READING