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Comparison of new nitrosoureas esters with modified steroidal nucleus for cytogenetic and antineoplastic activity.

  title={Comparison of new nitrosoureas esters with modified steroidal nucleus for cytogenetic and antineoplastic activity.},
  author={A. Hussein and E. Mioglou-Kalouptsi and A. Papageorgiou and I. Karapidaki and Z. Iakovidou-Kritsi and T. Lialiaris and E. Xrysogelou and C. Camoutsis and D. Mourelatos},
  journal={In vivo},
  volume={21 2},
Nitrosourea is decomposed under physiological conditions to react with biological macromolecules by two mechanisms: alkylation (with proteins and nucleic acids) and carbamoylation (with proteins but not nucleic acids). It has been suggested that the alkylating action is responsible for the therapeutic effects of nitrosoureas, and that the carbamoylation activity leads to toxicity effects. In order to reduce systemic toxicity and improve specificity and distribution for cancer therapy, 2… Expand
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