Comparison of multimodal interactions in perspective-corrected multi-display environment

  title={Comparison of multimodal interactions in perspective-corrected multi-display environment},
  author={Ryo Fukazawa and Kazuki Takashima and Garth Shoemaker and Yoshifumi Kitamura and Yuichi Itoh and Fumio Kishino},
  journal={2010 IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI)},
This paper compares multi-modal interaction techniques in a perspective-corrected multi-display environment (MDE). The performance of multimodal interactions using gestures, eye gaze, and head direction are experimentally examined in an object manipulation task in MDEs and compared with a mouse operated perspective cursor. Experimental results showed that gesture-based multimodal interactions provide performance equivalent in task completion time to mouse-based perspective cursors. A technique… CONTINUE READING


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