Comparison of multi-carrier and SHE-PWM for a nine levels cascaded H-bridge inverter

  title={Comparison of multi-carrier and SHE-PWM for a nine levels cascaded H-bridge inverter},
  author={M. Abdelateef Mostafa and Ahmed F. Abdou and Amal F. Abd El-Gawad and E. E. El-Kholy},
  journal={2017 Nineteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON)},
  • M. Mostafa, A. F. Abdou, +1 author E. El-Kholy
  • Published 1 December 2017
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 Nineteenth International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON)
Multilevel inverters are very important in renewable energy applications. Asymmetrical type of multilevel inverters is used for saving of the number of dc sources, gate drive circuits and bridges. It gives the number of levels for output voltage higher than from symmetrical type. Multi-carrier based sinusoidal pulse width modulation (MCB-SPWM) and the selective harmonic elimination pulse width modulation (SHE-PWM) are commonly types of modulation techniques. The comparison between MCB-SPWM and… Expand
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