Comparison of milk output between breasts in pump-dependent mothers.

  title={Comparison of milk output between breasts in pump-dependent mothers.},
  author={Pamela D Hill and Jean C. Aldag and Michael J Zinaman and Robert Treat Chatterton},
  journal={Journal of human lactation : official journal of International Lactation Consultant Association},
  volume={23 4},
This article reports the naturally occurring pattern of milk output beginning day 6 through day 42 postpartum from each individual breast in 95 pump-dependent mothers of a non-nursing preterm infant. Of the 3488 study days, milk output was greater from the left breast on 51.6% (n = 1800) of the study days, from the right breast 45.8% (n = 1598) of the study days, and equal 2.6% (n = 90) of the study days. Overall, total left and right breast milk output for the entire study (37 days) was 52.6… CONTINUE READING

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