Comparison of four methods of grassland productivity assessment based on Festuca pallescens phytomass data.

  title={Comparison of four methods of grassland productivity assessment based on Festuca pallescens phytomass data.},
  author={Guillermo E. Defoss{\'e} and M{\'o}nica Beatriz Bertiller},
The relative utility of 4 methods for grasslands above-ground net primary productivity (ANPP) assessment were evaluated. These methods, applied to a set of phytomass and litter data collected at about bimonthly intervals for 2 years in a Festuca pallescens (St. Yves) Parodi grassland steppe of southwestern Chubut, Argentina, were: (1) summation of positive increments of green (live) biomass between harvests, (2) summation of positive increments of total phytomass between harvests, (3) summation… CONTINUE READING

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