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Comparison of flavonoid profile and respiratory smooth muscle relaxant effects of Artemisia afra versus Leonotis leonurus

  title={Comparison of flavonoid profile and respiratory smooth muscle relaxant effects of Artemisia afra versus Leonotis leonurus},
  author={Tjokosela Tikiso},



Medicinal plants of South Africa

Medicinal plants of South Africa is a guide to the most commonly utilised medicinal plants in South Africa. The title includes: Detailed species descriptions of 132 medicinal plants. Each entry

Indigenous healing plants

This volume concentrates on the traditional ways in which indigenous plants have been used medicinally and otherwise in South Africa for centuries. Many of these remedies survive to this day and are

Corticosteroid Therapy for Asthma Corticoterapia no Tratamento da Asma

The use of ICS, which is now recommended as the first-line therap y for all patients with persistent asthma, controls asthma symptoms and prevents exacerbations, and inhaled long-acting β2 agonists added to ICS further improve asthma control.

Global strategy for asthma management and prevention: GINA executive summary

It is reasonable to expect that in most patients with asthma, control of the disease can and should be achieved and maintained, and the Global Initiative for Asthma recommends a change in approach to asthma management, with asthma control, rather than asthma severity, being the focus of treatment decisions.

Drugs for asthma

  • P. Barnes
  • Biology, Medicine
    Treatment guidelines from the Medical Letter
  • 2002
It seems likely that pharmacology, rather than molecular genetics, will remain the main approach to the further improvement of treatment for asthma, because new, more specific, therapies targeted at specific cytokines are less effective than corticosteroids, whereas more effective therapies carry a risk of side effects that may not be acceptable.

New Perspectives on How to Discover Drugs from Herbal Medicines: CAM's Outstanding Contribution to Modern Therapeutics

  • S. PanShufeng Zhou K. Ko
  • Biology, Medicine
    Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM
  • 2013
The prospect of drug discovery from herbal medicines in the postgenomic era was made with the provision of future directions in this area of drug development.

The pathophysiology of asthma.

The important influence of genetic and environmental factors on the emergence of the asthmatic phenotype is discussed, the significance of Th-1 and Th-2 lymphocyte-mediated immunity are discussed, and the inflammatory processes leading to chronic airway inflammation are detailed.

Using guinea pigs in studies relevant to asthma and COPD.