Comparison of fermentation reactions in different regions of the human colon.

  title={Comparison of fermentation reactions in different regions of the human colon.},
  author={George Tennant Macfarlane and Glenn R M Gibson and John H. Cummings},
  journal={The Journal of applied bacteriology},
  volume={72 1},
Colonic contents were obtained from two human sudden-death victims within 3 h of death. One of the subjects (1) was methanogenic, the other (2) was a non-CH4 producer. Measurements of bacterial fermentation products showed that in both individuals short-chain fatty acids, lactate and ethanol concentrations were highest in the caecum and ascending colon. In contrast, products of protein fermentation, such as ammonia, branched chain fatty acids and phenolic compounds, progressively increased from… CONTINUE READING
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