Comparison of fecal indicators with pathogenic bacteria and rotavirus in groundwater.

  title={Comparison of fecal indicators with pathogenic bacteria and rotavirus in groundwater.},
  author={Andrew S. Ferguson and Alice C. Layton and Brian J. Mailloux and Patricia J. Culligan and Daniel E. Williams and Abby E Smartt and Gary S. Sayler and John E Feighery and Larry D. McKay and Peter S. K. Knappett and Ekaterina Alexandrova and Talia Arbit and Michael Emch and Veronica Escamilla and Kazi Matin Uddin Ahmed and Md. Jahangir Alam and Peter Kim Streatfield and Mohammad Yunus and Alexander van Geen},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
Groundwater is routinely analyzed for fecal indicators but direct comparisons of fecal indicators to the presence of bacterial and viral pathogens are rare. This study was conducted in rural Bangladesh where the human population density is high, sanitation is poor, and groundwater pumped from shallow tubewells is often contaminated with fecal bacteria. Five indicator microorganisms (E. coli, total coliform, F+RNA coliphage, Bacteroides and human-associated Bacteroides) and various environmental… CONTINUE READING