Comparison of echocardiographic changes after short- and long-duration spaceflight.

  title={Comparison of echocardiographic changes after short- and long-duration spaceflight.},
  author={David S. Martin and Donna A South and Margie L. Wood and Michael W Bungo and Janice V. Meck},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={73 6},
BACKGROUND Previous echocardiographic studies of astronauts before and after short-duration (4-17 d) missions have demonstrated a decrease in resting left ventricular stroke volume, but maintained ejection fraction (EF) and cardiac output. Similar studies before and after long-duration (129-144 d) spaceflight have been rare and their overall results equivocal. METHODS Echocardiographic measurements (M-mode, 2-D, and Doppler) were obtained from short-duration (n = 13) and long-duration (n = 4… CONTINUE READING


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