Comparison of diode-side-pumped triangular Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP laser

  title={Comparison of diode-side-pumped triangular Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP laser},
  author={Jan {\vS}ulc and Helena Jel{\'i}nkov{\'a} and Jan K. Jabczynski and Waldemar Zendzian and Jacek Kwiatkowski and Karel Nejezchleb and Václav Škoda},
  booktitle={SPIE LASE},
Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP slab crystal in the form of triangle with the Brewster-angle-cut polished input faces was used as an active medium for diode-side-pumped laser. A horizontal projection of the active medium form is a triangle with 19.22 mm long base, 5 mm height, and thickness of 4 mm. This active crystal shape is one from the simplest form which makes possible to realise a slab side-pumped configuration with a total internal reflection. Optical pumping was accomplished by a quasi-cw diode… 

New wavelengths generated by BaWO4 or KGW intracavity Raman laser

The paper deals with the generation of new infrared laser wavelengths (1.175 μm, 1.196 μm, and 1.199 μm) based on the intracavity Raman conversion of the Nd:YAP laser radiation (1.0796 μm). Barium

A new ~1 μm laser crystal Nd:Gd2SrAl2O7: growth, thermal, spectral and lasing properties

Nd:Gd2SrAl2O7 crystals were grown by the Czochralski technique; thermal, spectral and laser properties were investigated in detail. The average thermal expansion coefficients along a- and c-axis are

Development of a continuous-wave Nd:YAP laser with low quantum defect pumping at 910 nm

We report what we believe is the first demonstration of a continuous-wave Nd:YAP laser under in-band diode pumping around 910 nm. The laser produced the maximum average output power of 1.15 W at 1079

Low-intensity-noise single-frequency CW 1080 nm laser by employing a laser crystal with the small stimulated-emission cross section

An effective approach to obtain a single-frequency laser with low intensity noise is presented in this paper, which is implemented by employing a gain medium with the small stimulated-emission cross

Single-step combustion synthesis of YAlO3 powders

Single-phase YAlO3 was obtained by combustion synthesis using a fuel mixture of urea and glycine. Temperature–time profile recorded by infrared thermal imaging indicates that an aqueous solution of

Apport des lasers en odontologie

Depuis une quinzaine d’annees, le laser est utilise avec succes en dentisterie. Chaque laser est specifique par sa longueur d’onde. L’absorption du rayonnement laser dans les tissus durs ou mous

Art et magie de la dentisterie. Implantologie dans un cas très limite

Un traitement implantaire fut propose en association avec un traitement laser afin d’optimiser les resultats sur ce type de crete gingivale en lame de couteau.

Cas clinique en implantologie. Ou comment transformer l’échec en succès ?

Cas clinique d’une rehabilitation occluso-prothetique apres un triple echec de greffe osseuse, chirurgie implantaire, anders de prothese.