Comparison of dike intrusions in an incipient seafloor ‐ spreading segment in Afar , Ethiopia : Seismicity perspectives

  title={Comparison of dike intrusions in an incipient seafloor ‐ spreading segment in Afar , Ethiopia : Seismicity perspectives},
  author={Manahloh Belachew and Cindy Ebinger and Delphine C{\^o}te and Derek Keir and Jess Rowland and James O S Hammond and Atalay Ayele},
[1] Oceanic crust is accreted through the emplacement of dikes at spreading ridges, but the role of dike intrusion in plate boundary deformation during continental rupture remains poorly understood. Between 2005 and 2009 the ∼70 km long Dabbahu‐Manda Hararo rift segment in Ethiopia has experienced 14 large volume dike intrusions, 9 of which were recorded on temporary seismic arrays. A detailed comparison of the seismic characteristics of the seismically monitored dikes is presented with… CONTINUE READING


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