Comparison of different trapping methods for pressurised hot water extraction.


Four trapping methods for pressurised hot water extraction were compared in terms of recovery and selectivity. Also, robustness, repeatability and solvent consumption of the trapping systems were investigated. The trapping methods were collection into solvent following liquid-liquid extraction, solid-phase trapping into Tenax TA (SPE), flat sheet microporous membrane liquid-liquid extraction and hollow fibre microporous membrane liquid-liquid extraction. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were extracted with these systems from four soil and sediment matrices and the extracts were analysed by GC-MS and size-exclusion chromatography. Clear differences were observed in the selectivity and extraction efficiencies of the trapping systems.

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@article{Lthje2004ComparisonOD, title={Comparison of different trapping methods for pressurised hot water extraction.}, author={Kati L{\"{u}thje and Tuulia Hy{\"{o}tyl{\"a}inen and Marja-Liisa Riekkola}, journal={Journal of chromatography. A}, year={2004}, volume={1025 1}, pages={41-9} }