Comparison of different thyroidectomy techniques for benign thyroid disease.

  title={Comparison of different thyroidectomy techniques for benign thyroid disease.},
  author={Ayhan Koyuncu and Hatice Sebila D{\"o}kmetaş and Mustafa Turan and Cengiz Hakan Aydin and K{\"u}rşat Karadayi and Elvan Budak and Sehsuvar G{\"o}kg{\"o}z and M. Berke Sen},
  journal={Endocrine journal},
  volume={50 6},
Extent of thyroidectomy in the management of benign thyroid disease remains controversial. In this clinical study, three different thyroidectomy techniques were compared by means of the complication, short period recurrence and L-thyroxin requirement rates. Two hundred consecutive patients who had bilateral subtotal thyroidectomy (BST) (n = 71), unilateral total lobectomy + contralateral subtotal lobectomy (Dunhill Procedure (DP)) (n = 71), or total thyroidectomy (TT) (n = 58) for benign… CONTINUE READING